##HTTP Status Codes The following table lists the HTTP response status codes for the GET (retrieve), POST (create), PUT (modify), and DELETE operations.

Response CodeHTTP OperationResponse Body ContentsDescription
200GET, PUT, DELETEResourceNo error, operation successful.
201 CreatedPOSTResource that was createdSuccessful creation of a resource. The Location HTTP Header can provide a link to the newly created resource.
204 No ContentPOST, PUT, DELETEN/AThe request was processed successfully, but no response body is needed.
304 Not Modifiedconditional GETN/AResource has not been modified. Used when HTTP caching headers are in play.
400 Bad RequestGET, POST, PUT, DELETEError MessageMalformed syntax or a bad query.
401 UnauthorizedGET, POST, PUT, DELETEError MessageAction requires user authentication.
403 ForbiddenGET, POST, PUT, DELETEError Message When authentication succeeded but authenticated user doesn't have access to the resource.
404 Not FoundGET, POST, PUT, DELETEError MessageResource not found.
405 Not AllowedGET, POST, PUT, DELETEError MessageMethod not allowed on resource.
406 Not AcceptableGETError MessageRequested representation not available for the resource.
408 Request TimeoutGET, POSTError MessageRequest has timed out.
409 Resource ConflictPUT, PUT, DELETEError MessageState of the resource doesn't permit request.
410 GoneGET, PUTError Message Indicates that the resource at this end point is no longer available. Useful as a blanket response for old API versions
411 Length RequiredPOST, PUTError MessageThe server needs to know the size of the entity body and it should be specified in the Content Length header.
412 Precondition failedGETError MessageOperation not completed because preconditions were not met.
415 Unsupported TypePOST, PUTError MessageRepresentation not supported for the resource.
422 Unprocessable EntityPOST, PUTError Message Used for validation errors
500 Server ErrorGET, POST, PUTError MessageInternal server error.
501 Not ImplementedPOST, PUT, DELETEError MessageRequested HTTP operation not supported.