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Getting full transparency throughout your DevOps process

World Summit Ai 2019

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away ...

Designing Systems - Efficiency vs Flexibility

Or why you should consider taking a course in System Theory.

An Authenticated S3 Python Package Repository

Serverless hosting of private Python packages in AWS S3 buckets

Slay the monolith!

Workshop - Designing Microservices with Sam Newman

Upskilling technology and culture part 2

Upskilling technology and culture

Using NLP to Read Between the Lines -Part 2

Demystifying the Language of German Reference Letters

Haufe Group making waves with ML

Using NLP to Read Between the Lines

Demystifying the Language of German Reference Letters

ML Lab 2.0

Laying the foundation for ML

Documentation as code

Lexoffice first contact with machine learning

The journey to AI automagic - part 1

MLLab Lab Rundown

Networking for AI and machine learning

Blockchain Lab Rundown

Reflections on the first HG-Network offline event

Hackathon - A festival for geeks

Report of the Hackathon in Timisoara

Slay the monolith!

Workshop - Designing Microservices with Sam Newman


Web server fitting nicely with docker

Externalized Configuration with Spring Cloud Config and Vault

Make your apps pull their configuration and credentials

Learning React

from a testers point of view

Introduction to React with Redux and Redux Thunk

How to fetch data from an API

Automate Amazon Machine Images(AMI’s) with Packer

How to create an AMI from scratch with your favorite OS

Kubernetes persistence options [updated]

Spoilt for choice

Angular vs. React - A comparison

Similarities and differences between React and Angular


Why we wrote our own Open Source API Management Stack based on Mashape Kong and node.js.

The state of our API Strategy

From a response to a sales call by an API Management vendor.

Secure Internet Access to an On-Premise API

Connect an ASP.NET identity to an on-premise API login identity, then relay all requests through the Azure Service Bus

How to use an On-Premise Identity Server in ASP.NET

Log in to an ASP.NET application with ADFS identity and check membership in specific groups

SAP CodeJam on May 12th, 2016

Calling all SAP ABAP Developer in Freiburg area

Generating Swagger from your API

How to quickly generate the swagger documentation from your existing API.

The Automated Monolith

Build, Deploy and Testing using Docker, Docker Compose, Docker Machine, and Azure

Extending On-Premise Products With Mobile Apps - Part 1

Modernizing on-premise application using Azure Service Bus Relay

Using 'Let's Encrypt' Certificates with Azure

Create free valid SSL certificates in 20 minutes.

Impressions from DockerCon 2015 - Part 2

Highlights and picks from DockerCon 2015

APIdays Paris - From Philosophy to Technology and back again

A biased report from APIdays Global in Paris

DevOpsCon 2015 - Is it really about the tools?

My opinionated findings from DevOpsCon 2015 in Munich

Impressions from DockerCon 2015 - Part 1

Insights, Outlooks and Inbetweens

Impressions from DevOpsCon 2015

Notes from DevOpsCon 2015

The beginnings of our API Journey

Intro to our API Style Guide

OSCON Europe 2015

Notes from OSCON Europe 2015

We are live or How to start a developer blog

Why culture is my most important focus as CTO