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Documentation as code

Slay the monolith!

Workshop - Designing Microservices with Sam Newman


Web server fitting nicely with docker

Save cost on AWS using Roham

Automate stop/start/termination of your EC2 Instances based on schedule tags

Externalized Configuration with Spring Cloud Config and Vault

Make your apps pull their configuration and credentials

Calculating SLIs with Prometheus

Cloud native Service Level Indicator calculation

Automate Amazon Machine Images(AMI’s) with Packer

How to create an AMI from scratch with your favorite OS

Kubernetes persistence options [updated]

Spoilt for choice

Using fluentd with multiple log targets

Forward log messages to multiple (Azure) targets with FluentD

Blue-Green Deployment on Azure with Zero Downtime

How the Aurora team manages their Kubernetes deployments

Immutable Infrastructure and CI/CD with Jenkins, Docker and Kubernetes

State of Kubernetes on Azure - Part II

Assessment of the Azure Container Service regarding Kubernetes support

The CTO Corner No 8

This is the stuff I am reading about.

Creating an acs-engine runtime docker image

How to enable using acs-engine in build pipelines

Open Tabs No 7

Catching up on readings from the last 6 months.

Keeping our Azure Cloud Tidy - Part 2

Keeping our Azure Cloud Tidy - Part 1

State of Kubernetes on Azure

Assessment of the Azure Container Service regarding Kubernetes support

Using HALBuilder with german characters

How to make sure that umlauts are properly displayed

SCS - Self-Contained Systems

Thoughts about Self-Contained Systems architecture pattern

Open Tabs No 6

On Makers, Microservices, and Balanced Teams.


Why we wrote our own Open Source API Management Stack based on Mashape Kong and node.js.

Summary of PayPal InnerSource Summit, 2016

Summary of the PayPal InnerSource Summit in London.

Summary of QCon New York, 2016

Impressions, links and summaries of QCon New York

DevOps Day and Meetup @Haufe on June 1st, 2016

A full day of talks on continuous delivery, test automation, Docker, cloud and much more

Rocket.Chat Integrations

How to integrate social media and other information streams into your Rocket.Chat instance via Webhooks

IRC and the Age of Chatops

How developer culture, devops and ux are influenced by the renaisance of IRC

The Automated Monolith

Build, Deploy and Testing using Docker, Docker Compose, Docker Machine, and Azure

Being a Microservice or Cattle over pets

A personal recap on QCon 2016

Better Log Parsing with Fluentd

Description of a couple of approaches to designing your fluentd configuration.

Log Aggregation with Fluentd, Elasticsearch and Kibana

Introduction to log aggregation using Fluentd, Elasticsearch and Kibana

DevOpsCon 2015 - Is it really about the tools?

My opinionated findings from DevOpsCon 2015 in Munich

Impressions from DevOpsCon 2015

Notes from DevOpsCon 2015