Microservices day wrap up

Posted by Scott Speights    on December 1, 2016 in Dev tagged with Conference, Culture, Microservice, API

A start with microservices

Keeping with the trend of having events based on technical topics that we are getting into at Haufe Group, we just had our Microservices Architecture Day - #msaday - internal event. We are currently looking to adopt microservices design patterns for new software, to refactor our older systems towards microservices and to make it easier to manage and grow our software. #msaday was a lot of fun and we were joined by many colleagues from other parts of Germany and from our offices in Switzerland, Romania and Spain.

Microservices audience

Help from outside

For #msaday our event partners, who is also helping us to tackle decomposing some of our monolithic systems into service domains, were Daniel Bryant and Lorenzo Nicora of Open Credo. The guys from Open Credo delivered talks on topics for creating successful microservices environments, what can go wrong with microservices and how you can avoid these pitfalls. But also, there were detailed talks on how to design reactive microservices or perform concurrent and non-blocking programming through specialized programming models.

We presented our own technology too

In addition to these excellent presentations, some of our own people showcased Haufe Group technology solutions at an equally high level. Andreas Plaul and Thomas Schüring presented the Haufe Group IT strategy towards a cloud first approach and the upcoming central logging solution based on FluentD and Graylog. The API Management presentation by Martin Danielsson showed how to perform authentication and authorization for registered APIS with OAuth protocol against any service that supports OAuth - using Haufe Group’s own Open Source API Management Platform – wicked.haufe.io!

Haufe’s dev culture is changing

When I think back on where we were five years ago. It’s great to see that the technical development and Dev Community culture have come far enough along to even start thinking about developing using microservices patterns. And in fact, Haufe Group is actively targeting several systems as good candidates to begin the process of breaking down our monolithic code into service domains.

This is definitely going to be a longer process and we may never even reach a full microservices based architecture for some of these systems, but adopting a microservices view will definitely make further development easier and will be an interesting challenge.

Part of the Freiburg dev community

We ended #msaday by hosting the Freiburg DevsMeetup. Interesting presentations again and – kicking back with something to eat and drink got us talking – there were more guests than ever before from Freiburg and around. The Akademie team talked about learnings and best practices on their way to decoupled systems, Daniel Bryant showed us that it’s not all rosy in microservices-land and which antipatterns to avoid. Finally, Martin Danielsson gave a condensed version of his previous presentation about Haufe’s Free and Open Source API Management solution Wicked.haufe.io, inviting the Freiburg dev community to contribute to further development. By the way, this time around we posted content to YouTube and SlideShare!

It was great to see colleagues, who usually work somewhere else, and to get to know Open Credo and the Freiburg dev community folks better to share microservices experiences with them. A long day came to a close and we are proud about what we could show to prove that the Haufe Group is on its way.

We’re not Netflix. We’re Haufe.