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Summary of 'Digitale Leute' 2019 in Cologne

Two and a half talks and a book.

Goodbye CTO, Hello Technical Fellow

Hic sunt dracones - There Might Be Dragons.

TEC Day Rundown

At TEC Day number five, technology turns a corner

Upskilling technology and culture part 2

Upskilling technology and culture

ML Lab 2.0

Laying the foundation for ML

Lexoffice first contact with machine learning

The journey to AI automagic - part 1

MLLab Lab Rundown

Networking for AI and machine learning

Blockchain Lab Rundown

Reflections on the first HG-Network offline event

TEC Day 2018

Take off and landing - the wrap up

Haufe Summer Practice 2017

First steps into the real IT World

Let's pipeline the tech story too

We are UX & we are live

The first Design Office post

The CTO Corner No 8

This is the stuff I am reading about.

Building a serverless web app

Serverless single page apps with AWS, React and Redux

Serverless with AWS at DevTalks

How the new world is looking with Cloud Native Apps and Serverless Mindset

Open Tabs No 7

Catching up on readings from the last 6 months.

Lessons Learned from the Haufe Dev Microservices Architecture Day

Microservices day wrap up

Open Tabs No 6

On Makers, Microservices, and Balanced Teams.

Open Tabs No 5

On Innovation, Emerging Technology and a Hitchhikers Guide to APIs.

Open Tabs No 4

On Microservice Benefits, API Design and Offline-first Mobile Apps.

Open Tabs No 3

This week in Open Tabs.

Open Tabs No 2

This week in Open Tabs.

Open Tabs No 1

This week in Open Tabs.

Summary of PayPal InnerSource Summit, 2016

Summary of the PayPal InnerSource Summit in London.

Summer Internship @Haufe

An experience that greatly helped me to improve myself

Build an Eloqua Action Service and make it Open-Source

A node.js Primer for us Old School Developers

Things in node.js that caught me on the wrong foot when I saw them the first time

Summary of QCon New York, 2016

Impressions, links and summaries of QCon New York

IRC and the Age of Chatops

How developer culture, devops and ux are influenced by the renaisance of IRC

SAP CodeJam on May 12th, 2016

Calling all SAP ABAP Developer in Freiburg area

We are live or How to start a developer blog

Why culture is my most important focus as CTO