Open Tabs No 4

On Microservice Benefits, API Design and Offline-first Mobile Apps.

Posted by Holger Reinhardt    on September 19, 2016 in Dev tagged with General, Reading List, Culture

Here is the latest from Open Tabs - my weekly column with links and commentary on my browser tabs.

The recently published paper on The Hidden Dividends of Microservices caught my attention. It inspired me to open an issue against our tech strategy to incorporate some of its conclusions. And it is only fitting that The Five Principles of Monitoring Microservices is open right next to it.

You might have seen our Haufe API Styleguide. We were honored to be included in the new API Stylebook which was published last week. I still want to read up on The New API Design And Deployment Solution Materia and the Restful API Versioning Insights

Last weeks post talked about me playing with Rancher as container management solution. After finishing my private setup on Digital Ocean I am now replicating part of it on AWS. My goal here is a complete CI/CD environment including Building docker images with Jenkins and a private Docker Registry. In order to make the latter accessible from beyond ‘localhost’ I need to set it up with TLS. While the registry appears to support Let’s Encrypt out of the box, I nevertheless started researching for projects providing a containerized and automated SSL termination proxy: Dead-simple HTTPS Set up with Docker and Let’s Encrypt pointing to and Docker Registry 2.0 proxy with SSL and authentication

On a somewhat related note - the following initiative at the intersection of Container and DevOps caught my eye: Label Schema: A New Standard Approach to Container Metadata pointing to Label Schema Specification DRAFT (RC1).

In this week’s IoT corner we have Build your own robotic arm out of cardboard and Add Motion to Your Project.

And I finally came across someone who seems to be as passionate about ‘Offline-first’ in mobile apps as I am - Check out his post at Build More Reliable Web Apps with Offline-First Principles.

Node.js is hardly emerging technology anymore but it is sometimes worth remembering how it all began with Ryan Dahl: Original Node.js presentation.

Build more and Manage less With the Serverless Framework on the other hand is cutting edge and definitely worth keeping an eye on. A bit more meta yet equally important is The need for algorithmic accountability for the software industry in general.

Two more links on cultural topics. I definitely recommend checking out the Open Innovation Toolkit by Mozilla and How WD-40 Created a Learning-Obsessed Company Culture,

This should cover it for this week. Plenty to read, think and catch up on. See you again next week.