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Configure Centralised S3 bucket replication from multiple S3 bucket sources

AWS does not offer an managed backup service for your files, so we needed to be creative

Secure your website access with Kubernetes NGINX Ingress Controller, OAuth2 and Azure AD

Most of the applications do not provide authentication. You can fix that using Kubernetes, NGINX, Oauth2 and OIDC(Azure AD)

How to: login into Kibana/AWS OpenSearch using Azure AD

Step-by-step guide to SAML authentication using Azure AD groups as backend roles into Kibana

How to: AWS Cognito ➕ ADFS = 💖

Step-by-step guide to federated authentication

Keeping AWS costs down is easy using Roham

Automate stop/start/termination of your EC2 Instances based on schedule tags

Save cost on AWS using Roham

Automate stop/start/termination of your EC2 Instances based on schedule tags

Introduction to React with Redux and Redux Thunk

How to fetch data from an API

Building our first Chatbot

Coding our way to the Haufe-Akademy thanks to a Hackathon

Creating an acs-engine runtime docker image

How to enable using acs-engine in build pipelines

Installing Kubernetes using ACS Engine in Azure Germany

Set up PostgreSQL on Azure

One script away from a PostgreSQL running into an Ubuntu powered VM running on Azure

Monitoring a docker environment using TICK stack

Get live metrics of your running containers and docker hosts in a rancher environment

Docker-Machine vs Firewall

A short diary of our investigation of a docker-machine issue.

Using HALBuilder with german characters

How to make sure that umlauts are properly displayed

Two factor authentication with Windows Hello and Google Authenticator

Exploring new ways to make customer login more secure

Rocket.Chat Integrations

How to integrate social media and other information streams into your Rocket.Chat instance via Webhooks

Secure Internet Access to an On-Premise API

Connect an ASP.NET identity to an on-premise API login identity, then relay all requests through the Azure Service Bus

How to use an On-Premise Identity Server in ASP.NET

Log in to an ASP.NET application with ADFS identity and check membership in specific groups

Generating Swagger from your API

How to quickly generate the swagger documentation from your existing API.

The Automated Monolith

Build, Deploy and Testing using Docker, Docker Compose, Docker Machine, and Azure

Extending On-Premise Products With Mobile Apps - Part 2

Creating a Single Page App using Apache Cordova and AngularJS

Securing Backend Services behind Azure API Management

Different approaches to securing API implementations

Providing Secure File Storage through Azure API Management

Shared Access Signatures with Azure Storage

Better Log Parsing with Fluentd

Description of a couple of approaches to designing your fluentd configuration.

Log Aggregation with Fluentd, Elasticsearch and Kibana

Introduction to log aggregation using Fluentd, Elasticsearch and Kibana

Using 'Let's Encrypt' Certificates with Azure

Create free valid SSL certificates in 20 minutes.